History release:
SROKing 1.0.10_1FREE 2009-03-31 15:41
new features:

1. Support the latest sro version:1.184

2. Can loop in qing cave B1-B4

3. Can cancel setting training place state by right click mouse


SROKing 1.0.9_2FREE 2009-03-30 17:43
new features:

1. No annoying 'clicking' sound on launcher now

2. Fixed problem: Can not save auto-buy horse setting

SROKing 1.0.9_1FREE 2009-03-27 18:38
new features:

1. Support Multi-clients with 3 party loader. use loader login game first, then start sroking and login bot(when you login successfully, dont click start game). repeat the previous action to open more game clients and sroking.

2. Be caution!!! 1 computer maximum support 3 Sroking running at same time

3. Support botting in Qing cave B1-B4

4. Support auto loop in Qing cave B1

5. Support ride to cave & tomb

6. Party function added. auto refuse "all modes", auto invite/accept "free-to-all mode"

7. Mini-map: show boss title, add an option whether display mobs on map.(in "display set")

8. Support auto buy universay pills and horse

9. Support restrict game's auto refrash, in order to optimize CPU usage (in "other" page)

10. add Minimize button for Sroking luncher and game window

11. Support new Language UI: Greek and French

12. Notice:There's a in game bug will lead you become Murder! Please DO NOT summon your growth pet until game fix it!